India Entry

There is no such thing as universal rational. What is rational or irrational to a person depends on that person's value systems, which in turn is part of the culture that person has acquired in her or his lifetime. What people around the world value vary enormously!" - Geert Hofstede, Anthropologist

The India growth story is very much a reality if you understand the complexities of the market. This is unlike any other market of this size and stature. The factors affecting the market span demographic, sociological, cultural as well as economic factors. A multi prone approach to identify crucial factors effecting entry and future growth is a necessity.

Opportunity mapping : Identifying emerging consumer themes, how and what is changing to conceive new opportunities and brands.

Cultural immersion : In-depth understanding of the cultural context that shapes the Indian consumer relationship with a specific category.

Constituency mapping : Understanding the larger socio-cultural forces that people are governed by and how it shapes their needs and desires.

Brand localization : Interpreting global brands in terms that become meaningful for an Indian audience.

Product customization : Identifying relevant and meaningful opportunities to differentiate in the Indian market.