SNS Global Concepts

SNS Global Concepts comprises of a unique blend of deeply experienced retail and consulting professionals. The team has consistently performed; both as individuals and as part of SNS Global Concepts .We have proven success across diverse retailers of all segments, geographies and scale. Across that diverse history, we remain consistent in our commitment to customized solutions and sustainable results…


Decades of retail focus: our teams average over 15 years of retail and retail consulting experience.

Anchored in Change Management

Our process consists of aligning ourselves with the clients from day one so as to ensure a deep understanding of the direct and indirect implications of our work. By partnering early, we begin the change management and knowledge transfer process early, resulting in an accelerated, fully realized and sustainable return on the investment.

Relentlessly focused on measurable and sustainable results

Implementation-focused with tenacious focus on the results across all areas of the organization and customer base. We specalise in bringing focus back on where it should belong-profit centric and socially responsible. We view success through the lens of ultimate impact on the financial performance and customer experience.

Dedicated and accountable

Our hands-on, accountable leadership philosophy ensures consistent quality and delivery on our promises. The practical experience the team brings on the table ensures firm ownership direct involvement on site in every engagement.

Scalable and flexible

Proven, time-tested success with chains of single to multiple sites; each engagement customized to the unique needs of the client and their customers. Replicating the solutions over a large constituency becomes easy and cost effective.

Service benefits and specialization of a boutique with the scale and resources of a global leader