Debi draws on nature wildlife, folklore and fantasy to create a masterpiece. These hand embroidered pieces are completely innovative yet awe- inspiring.Each piece is handcrafted to perfection. From the village crafts and traditional methods of design that India is so rich in, the brand brings them all to life in a spectacular yet original language.Started in 2010 the brand has evolved and now there is no looking back. Debi specializes in hand embroidered "Kantha" work of Bengal.The designs are in Silk and Tussar.

The story of Kantha-Kantha is very close to the folk art of Bengal.Debi is in the process of reviving the lost art of Kantha.This embroidery of Bengal is very significant in the sense that it displays skill and talent of rural Bengal womenfolk.The significance of the word "Kantha" is associated with Lord Shiva.

This initiative is a means of sustenance of women weavers who have been forced to let go of this ancient art form.The social objective of the endeavors is to provide development of the girl child in the form of affordable quality education. We regularly support the girl child in enhancing their skills beyond academics. This is done through a process of digital literacy to prepare them for the future. As it is women who are involved in the embroidery, this provides a direct source of financially uplifting for the family. A significant part of the revenue generated is directly given to the families for educating their next generation.