Store Execution And Operations

Excellent in-store execution is a vital part of the management of your brands. In the case of new brand launches, in-store execution can often be poorly managed, or simply not thought about until the last minute. Whether you are managing a new or existing brand, in-store execution must be treated as a key part of your plans. We help in design and execution of your brand keeping in view various aspects like category management and ease of shopping.

Our programs focus on providing the most efficient and effective use of limited store labor and available inventory through best-in-class store operating procedures, associate methods, training capabilities, use of technology and integration with supply chain capabilities. Linkages and impacts of store headquarters support are reviewed as well.Key success factors to drive lasting business benefits include use of best-in-class benchmarks, cross-functional approach to address root-cause issues hindering store performance and strong change management disciplines to ensure the new operating model becomes embedded into the organisation.